Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board draft the annual programme of the Centre based on agreed research priorities. They also ensure the legal representation and financial supervision of our activities, and steer the expansion of our network of member organisations.

Honorary Board

The newly formed Honorary Board aims to reinforce the expertise of the Centre, not only for enhancing the think tank’s expert profile, but also in order to boost its intellectual capacity, enabling our experts to address the EU’s current and future challenges. The members of the board are all former prime ministers and former Heads of EU institutions belonging to the EPP family, with a successful track record of country and institutional reforms.

Academic Council

As esteemed academics and researchers, its members aim to increase the academic scope of the Centre and oversee the scientific standards of our research, studies and activities. They ensure that the Centre is always pursuing cutting-edge research, propose innovative projects and implement the highest standards of peer review.

Individual Members

They are politically like-minded senior level professionals active in European politics, European institutions and related organisations. They participate in the meetings of the General Assembly and offer their perspective on the overall strategy and goals of the Centre and how to attain them.