Building a Gender Equality Legacy from the von der Leyen Commission

he von der Leyen Commission has made gender equality a central component of its ambitious programme. But, as the latest Martens Centre research highlights, notwithstanding the significant progress of recent years, barriers remain which prevent women from advancing equally in society. Yet, President von der Leyen’s leadership role is essential in ensuring that all commissioners work together to place gender equality at the centre of Brussels decision-making process.

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is disproportionally impacting upon the economic prospects of women, this event will focus on identifying how the von der Leyen Commission can leave a lasting gender equality legacy. Should the focus be on educational investment given its role in tackling gender bias? Can education also play a key role in tackling embedded gender stereotypes evident across all European societies? Is obtaining a more sustainable Work-Life Balance, through interventions in childcare and early years education, a key factor in better enabling women to compete in the labour market on a more equal footing? Join us as we discuss these important issues with a distinguished panel of experts.SHOW LESS