EU regulators have a bigger bird to fry than Twitter. It’s TikTok

Twitter Inc. seems a shambles lately. From the negligent layoffs of key personnel to the amateurish implementation of the Twitter Blue subscription, the platform has given a nervous strain to users and investors alike.

Elon Musk’s tweet barrages have also raised eyebrows, even though they must be seen as what they are — intentional click generators which amplify engagement on the platform.

Musk’s attention-seeking bravado has certainly caught the eye of high-level EU executives. The Commissioner for Internal market Thierry Breton issued a warning that ‘the bird will fly according to European rules’, a reference to the economic bloc’s nascent Digital Services Act (DSA). Prominent media outlets have also weighed in to hype up an imminent confrontation between Twitter and the EU’s digital watchdogs.

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