Regulating the Digital Future: Can Europe Lead the Crypto and Digital Currencies Revolution?

You can re-watch the entire event’s live-stream below:

The issues of crypto and central bank digital currencies (CBDC) have emerged from the intersection of finance and technology to become central to debates about the future of the economy. In parallel, CBDCs have the potential to revamp the role of central banks and revolutionise the financial payments system. To mark the launch of our new research paper – Regulating the Digital Future – the Martens Centre is delighted to host key EU level decision makers to discuss these important issues.

To achieve its aim of global leadership the EU must put in place a regulatory framework which balances innovation with consumer protection and financial stability. The EU must also confront varying international approaches and its historically poor position in digital finance compared to global competitors such as the US and China.

This event will discuss how the European centre-right can drive the EU’s approach to crypto and digital currencies. How can the proposed Regulation on Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) support the EU’s digital aspirations? Shouldn’t the Eurozone be more unequivocal about adopting a digital Euro?