I say Europe you say..?More Europe! More solidarity! More communication! Why not, more humanity?You have said that education is an often-overlooked element in emergency planning, and the EU has recently increased its budget for education in emergencies.What would you say are other key areas that fly under the radar in crisis management?Education is the foundation of everything else. It is a human right, but it has also become...

I say Europe, you say...?


I say Europe, you say…?

Achieving Europe. Europe of Success. Europe of the Youth.

I say Europe, you say…?


I say Europe, you say…?


“People tend to forget that it is not just about pro-bono work in the European neighborhood; it is also our own interests that are at stake there.” This point, made by Martens Centre Executive Tomi Huhtanen, kicked off a debate organised in Brussels on 31 January 2017 on the strategic rethink of the European Neighbourhood Policy

"Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the new US president have brought the score to 2-0 for populism last year", according to Member of European Parliament Eva Maydell (Paunova). "The only thing left to figure out is whether we are in the half time or only ten minutes into the game".