TOPAZ was founded in 2012 by the Czech conservative party TOP 09 and took on the role of its educational committee. Furthermore, it started to serve as a platform for organizing conferences and seminar for a broader public in order to present ideas and information related to conservative thinking. TOPAZ is fully party-based. It is presided by Karel Schwarzenberg, the TOP 09 Chair and the institute‘s board consists of TOP 09 officials. During a year and a half of its existence, TOPAZ has organized numerous seminars targeted on educating party members and officials as well as a number of public conferences, where the audience had the opportunity to debate with domestic and foreign personalities on current topics. TOPAZ also supplies its home party with publications, such as manuals, reports and policy briefs.

Opletalova 1603/57 11800 Praha 1, Prague, 11800, Czechia

Phone: +420 725 001 312

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