Platform for Sustainable Growth [PCS]

The Portuguese think tank PCS – Platform for Sustainable Growth (Plataforma para o Crescimento Sustentável), was founded in October 2011, as a non-profit independent organization committed to identifying policy measures to foster sustainable growth in Portugal.

Since its foundation, PCS has sought to actively contribute towards a new development and sustainable growth strategy in Portugal, encouraging strong civic participation, and a close collaboration with RDI centres, and national and international think tanks.

PCS engages almost 400 members in Portugal – recognized leaders and experts from private sector, academia, government and NGOs – working, as volunteers, within several working groups and thematic areas.

PCS was born from the belief that budgetary consolidation, while necessary, is not a sufficient condition for growth and, as a result, the country needs a new development strategy that sees beyond an economic and financial bailout.

Plataforma para o Crescimento Sustentável

Lx Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, Edifício 1, Piso 2, Lisbon, 1300, Portugal

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