De Gasperi Foundation [FDG]

The De Gasperi Foundation was created in 1982 by Maria Romana, daughter of Alcide De Gasperi, and from the outset it became a political and cultural point of reference for those who identify with the original European spirit of De Gasperi.

The values adhered to and promoted by Alcide De Gasperi such as the importance of the human being, the defense of the democratic architecture, European integration, and giving attention to new generations are the beacons which continue to guide the work of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s mission is to enhance the civic culture of the country to help the wellbeing of people and institutions, respecting De Gasperi’s contribution to the democratic establishment of Europe, nationally and internationally.

Drawing inspiration from his idea that “politics means to achieve”, the Foundation intends to be the flywheel of a solid and renewed civil commitment, starting from the young and privileged interlocutors who must undergo the challenges brought on by the modern societies and governance in a globalized world.

Fondazione De Gasperi

Via del Governo Vecchio, 3 – 00186 Rome, Italy

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