What will it take to feel safe in the EU?

In difficult circumstances, as Europe first faced the Covid-19 pandemic that led to a severe health crisis, followed by the war in Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis, high inflation and a cooling economy, adding to the consequences of the war in the Middle East and the ever-increasing migratiory pressure, it is crucial to ask how a safe and stable life in the future can be guaranted at all important levels of a person’s life.

The need for decarbonisation and simultaneous adaptation to climate change is also a paticular challenge.

Finding answers to strategic questions such as:

How to ensure sufficient supplies of safe and healthy food? Will we maintain traditional food production or will our food soon be laboratory printed? How can we provide enough energy at an affordable price? Are we able to decarbonise in a way that maintains the economic competitiveness? Is migration a threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Slovenia and the European Union?

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