Trade and Technology Partners or Rivals? Unlocking the Potential of Transatlantic Cooperation

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The new decade promised new beginnings for the EU-U.S. relationship. In 2021, the two economic blocs launched the Trade and Technology Council (TTC), promising to boost bilateral trade and strengthen cooperation on pressing technological challenges. From joint technology standards and clean tech cooperation, to export controls on trade, both the EU and the U.S. have professed their commitment to strategic dialogue. Entering 2024, however, challenges are mounting. The two sides are sparring over clean technology subsidies and moving at different speeds on tech regulation. Elections scheduled before the year-end on both sides of the Atlantic could also prove divisive, particularly if an isolationist president takes charge again in Washington.

This event marks the launch of a research report by CEPA and the Martens Centre devoted to the evolution of the TTC and its future direction. The paper is based on a review of both public documents and by interviews with officials, analysts, and business representatives in both Brussels and Washington. Following the launch of report, this event is dedicated to answering the following: Can the transatlantic Alliance excel in cooperating on breakthrough technologies? Will the TTC turn into a vehicle for tariff alignment and China containment? And to what extent can the TTC survive potential political turbulence?

ACE events, Avenue d'Auderghem 22, 1040 Brussels 11:00-12:30 CET

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