The Future of the EU Green Deal: How to Achieve True Sustainability?

Exceptionally, this event will not be livestreamed.

The landmark European Green Deal aims to decarbonise the economy and spur economic growth. However, almost 5 years since its launch, the EU is teetering on the edge of economic recession and has only registered modest progress towards its ambitious 2030 climate targets.

It has become apparent that parts of the current design of the EU’s climate agenda are financially and socially unsustainable. Spiralling fiscal costs, a scarcity of vital energy and natural resources, and increasing societal strain, all risk derailing the clean energy transition. The EU needs to keep its decarbonisation drive towards carbon neutrality, but be prepared to adjust its policy priorities in order to achieve its monumental climate and environmental goals.

This event will take stock of the progress made so far and also map out the main shortcomings of the European Green Deal. The Martens Centre will put forward suggestions about the future direction of the EU’s decarbonisation agenda, with the aim of boosting competitiveness and expanding European economic advantages.

How can Europe be at the forefront of clean energy deployment and also safeguard its energy security? What is the best way to successfully integrate rural areas and European farmers in our environmental blueprint? How can the Green Deal become a driving force for the economic success of European businesses?

Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels 14:00-15:30

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