Terrorist Attacks in Paris and Brussels: What has changed in the European Security?

Registration starts at 14:30 with refreshments.

The twin attacks on the Brussels airport and metro system on 22 March 2016 left 32 people dead. The Islamic State attacks were the worst peace-time atrocity in Belgium’s history. Coming only months after the November 2015 series of attacks in Paris, which had been perpetrated by the same Brussels-based sleeper cell, the attacks raised huge concerns about the ease of how domestic terrorists can travel across EU borders.

During this period, we could observe a clear development in the means terrorists used to perpetrate their attacks. What does that tell us about the work of the security services in uncovering plots and the so-called lone-wolf attacks? What lessons have we learned in terms of crossborder police and security services cooperation? How can we deal with terrorist cells in the Western Balkans and how can EU authorities identify possible threats disguised among the refugees and immigrants?

Arts 56, Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels 15:00-16:30

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