Shaping the Future Policy of Supply Chains: Resilience in Life Sciences

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The global COVID-19 pandemic was one of the ultimate tests for supply chains internationally. The challenge was specifically acute for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries operating in a high level of uncertainty. These companies also need to anticipate disruptions such as climate events, political and economic upheavals, as well as the fallout of deglobalisation pressures. Ensuring the smooth operations of supply chains in life sciences is critical not only for the economic growth of involved businesses but for the wellbeing of customers and patients across the globe.

The resilience of these essential supply chains remains among the priorities of the European Union and its member states. This Martens Centre event aims to discuss the best policies and expert recommendations for achieving the smooth operations of these highly interconnected ecosystems. What are the biggest challenges in a post- pandemic environment? What is the role of digitalisation and sustainability in improving international supply? What policies and political support are needed for ensuring the much needed resilience of supply chains in life sciences?

Online 15:00-15:45

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