Security and Defence Days 2023

The event is co-organized by De Gasperi Foundation and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, in cooperation with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, and comes at a particularly delicate time for the international scenario, with the Russian aggression against Ukraine threatening the security of the entire West, an increasingly asserti China, and a strongly evolving Indo-Pacific region.
The proceedings will develop over two days and will consist of four thematic sessions, bringing together
personalities from institutions and the political world, diplomats and military officers, experts and media
representatives, who will share their insights and reflections on the following issues:

  • NATO’s role and strategic perspectives after the Vilnius Summit;
  • The importance of developing the European defense industry, and the complementarity between NATO
    and the EU in the field of security and defense;
  • The growing challenges for the EU in the fields of technology and energy;
  • The impact of the Russian aggression against Ukraine on the countries of the EU’s eastern neighborhood


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