Horizon 2030: How Will the Strategic Compass Impact the Future of EU Defence Cooperation?

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The EU Council approved the Union’s new Strategic Compass in March. This document, which the Union began to develop in 2020, sets new goals and targets for the EU’s security and defence policy to guide its development until 2030. Since the beginning of the process, the development of the Compass took place against the background of European countries’ increased willingness to boost EU level security and defence cooperation. Europe’s security environment has deteriorated, and it is facing an increasingly complex set of threats and challenges, which range from hybrid and cyber-attacks to increased great power competition. Russia’s unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine has also increased the urgency for European countries to enhance their security and defence cooperation, including at the EU level.

This event will discuss the implications that the new Strategic Compass will have for EU defence cooperation in the coming years and how the Union is planning to implement the document. It will also discuss what the Compass means for the EU’s goal to become a more credible security provider in different regions and how it will affect EU-NATO cooperation.

Arts 56, Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels 15:00-17:00

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