Green and Digital Transition: Challenges and Prospects

The event will be livestreamed here and on Facebook.

The event will focus on the intersection of the green and digital transition, looking at how connectivity and ICT in general can be used as an enabler for a more sustainable economy and personal wellbeing. We will try to explore how policy-makers and leaders in the telecom industry can help one another to become more sustainable, while ensuring Europe’s leading role in the global economy. The event will also address the role of new initiatives, such as the European Green Digital Coalition, which focuses on the collaboration between the public and private sector.

Some of the questions that our panellists will try to address are: how interconnected are the green and digital transitions and what will be their impact on the lives of EU citizens? How can digital innovations be leveraged and help lead the charge in the green transition and the implementation of the European Green Deal? How can we ensure that all parts of society are included and benefit from the dual digital and green transition process?

Green and Digital Transition: Challenges and Prospects

Posted by Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies on Tuesday, June 15 2021

16:30 - 17:30

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