Global Synergy Conference

The Role of Europe, Asia and Latin America in Global Economic Transition

You can re-watch the entire event’s live-stream below:

The inaugural edition of the Global Synergy Conference was hosted by the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies on 14th February 2024 at the Residence Palace in Brussels!

This event is the first of its kind to be hosted by the Martens Centre featuring a truly global line-up of panelists from Latin America to South-East Asia. As we increasingly inhabit a world where international affairs are often the fruit of complex interactions between entire regions rather than traditional state-level actors, taking a global approach to sustainability has never been more essential

Attending this event guaranteed a front row for a series of panel discussions involving MEPs, policy experts and government officials. The different panels analysed the interaction between specific policy challenges in the realms of trade, geopolitics and innovation and technology, and the regions at hand. The aim of the discussions was to provide insight in the issues driving the day across the globe and offer perspectives on how the EU should approach these.

Residence Palace, Brussels

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