Europa Matinée

Making Europe visible in everyday life – this is the basic idea of the Europe Matinée. Especially in times of growing populism, no matter whether from the political left or right, and the loss of trust in political institutions, the Martens Centre, together with the Political Academy of the Austrian People’s Party, aims to make the European Union’s role in maintaining the stability, prosperity and security of our continent visible and accessible. Europe is more than just regulations and directives; Europe is our home and our future. Therefore, the aim of this event is to have a look at the past, but also to discuss the current challenges facing the EU and the importance of a strong political centre for the future of Europe. 

Precisely 30 years ago, when Austria’s accession negotiations were concluded under Foreign Minister Alois Mock, we want to recall Austria’s spirit of optimism towards the European Union with Dr Helmut Wohnout and Dr Benita Ferrero-Waldner. We will discuss current challenges with migration expert Gerald Knaus.  Migration, in particular, will be one of the main topics.

Online/Vienna 10.30 – 13.00 CET

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