The legacy lives on.

(Brussels, December 2007)

Political foundations have played an active role in the quest to achieve European integration and co-operation, but their involvement before now was on a strictly national level. For the last 25 years the idea of European political foundations was something I believed to be lacking in the European Political scene.

As you can imagine, I was delighted when the project of European political foundations was tabled in March of 2006. It is thrilling to consider incorporating this concept at the European level. I believe that the political foundations will play a major role in shaping and developing new ideas and policies. By creating a network of likeminded foundations they will act as a catalyst in the bridging process between national and European politics.

Our political foundation aims to be just such a catalyst, bringing together inspirational individuals and ground-breaking research to create an environment from which new ideas and relationships emerge. By engaging the active participants in research, communication and political policy formulation of the centre right, it makes a real contribution to the public awareness of European citizens and decision-makers alike.

The Centre is committed to promoting intellectual liberty, raising awareness and facilitating the growth of EU politics from the perspective of the ideologies and the central values of the EPP and its centre-right partners.

It is my firm conviction that we will play a significant role in reaching the people of Europe, allowing them to better understand the concept and processes of politics on a European level.

Wilfried Martens (1936-2013)