The 7Ds for Sustainability:  175 Proposals for the Next Legislature

This paper is the most recent edition of the 7Ds project which was initially released in April 2023, updated after stakeholder consultations.

The EPP is built on the beliefs of Christian Democratic and Conservative People’s Parties.

Conservatives know that not every reform is progress. They have shared scepticism towards ideologies, and prefer pragmatic solutions. They abhor the violence of revolutions and realise that existing institutions contain the wisdom of generations.

Christian Democrats try to balance and reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable: the social market economy, pluralism, federalism, popular parties and centrism. They aim to be the force of reconciliation and moderation in society.

Both Christian Democrats and Conservatives engage in the defence of the order firmly established in the free part of the European continent after 1945: representative democracy, the rule of law, inviolable human rights and a firm stand against any attempts of illiberal democratic backsliding.

The Conservative intent to preserve and the Christian Democrat willingness to balance converge in the principle of sustainability. If we wish to preserve, we must find a proper balance between present and future necessities and ensure fairness between generations.

Sustainability, therefore, has to be the core guiding principle of Christian Democrat and Conservative action across all policy areas.

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