International Cooperation in a New Era: the EU’s Quest for Like-Minded Partners – Latin American and Caribbean

In today’s contested world, the EU´s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are of growing importance. Both have a long-standing strategic partnership, based on shared values, culture and history as well as solid economic ties. With a direct investment stock of 800 billion EUR the EU is by far the largest investor in the region. In the long run, and to be credible, the EU needs to go beyond rhetoric, develop resilient sustainable partnerships, and implement concrete projects, while considering the needs and priorities of its partners, in this case Latin American and Caribbean countries. At the same time, in a new geopolitical era, the EU also must find its position on the global stage and build its “geopolitical identity”.

In this context, this WMCES-HSS publication addresses some overarching questions and aspects.

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