The Syrian humanitarian crisis and the role of Turkey

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies
Wednesday, November 22 2017 / 12:30

Since the eruption of the Syrian civil war in 2011, the country has become engulfed in a dire humanitarian crisis. The United Nations (UN) estimates that nearly five million Syrians have fled the country, while another 6.3 million have been internally displaced. Nearly 85% of all Syrians are living in poverty. Geography dictates that Turkey will be a key player in any long-term solution to the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

This means that it is important to discuss questions, such as: how to improve the conditions of Syrian refugees in Turkey? How does Turkey’s conflict with Kurdish separatist groups affect its policy towards the humanitarian disaster in Syria? Should the EU support Turkey in creating of a refugee safe zone in northern Syria? How would Turkey’s own human rights record relate to any strategic EU-Turkey cooperation?

Welcome by Tomi Huhtanen, Executive Director, Martens Centre 

Panel discussion:

  • Christina Bache, Steering Committee Member, United Nations PRME Business for Peace 
  • Constantine Arvanitopoulos, Former Minister of Education of Greece & Visiting Fellow, Martens Centre
  • Renate Sommer MEP, EPP Group

Moderation by Roland Freudenstein, Policy Director, Martens Centre