Russia: trends, challenges and the future for the democratic opposition

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9
Wednesday, November 30 2016 / 16:00


The EU’s attention to Russia has been primarily focused on President Putin’s annexation of Crimea, Russia’s invasion of Eastern Ukraine and on its military involvement in Syria. Notwithstanding Russia’s aggression in the international arena, it would be a mistake not to analyse more deeply what is happening in Putin’s own backyard: Russia’s domestic politics and the evolution of the Russian political opposition.

Putin has increasingly sought to eliminate civil society organisations, independent media and the political opposition in past years. As the opposition and activists continue to advocate for rule of law and fundamental democratic rights, they continue to be repressed, often facing convictions and jail sentences merely for gathering for peaceful protests.

The seminar will raise questions about the political and human rights situation in Russia, focusing on the existing challenges and the future of pro-democracy political parties in Russia. It will also assess what role the EU can play to assist the democratic opposition in their endeavour.

Please note that only registered participants will be admitted to the event.