Polish European Policy 2004-2018: What Changed in 2015 and Why?

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, EPP HQ, Rue du Commerce 10, Schuman Room,
Friday, May 25 2018 / 10:45

Our seminar will offer the opportunity to present and discuss the results of an extensive study, covering the determinants of internal policy which govern Poland's involvement in cooperation in the EU - or in contesting EU activities and values.  It will be the first presentation of this report outside of Poland. A  research  team  from  Adam  Mickiewicz  University  (Poznań,  Poland) reconstructed  the  goals  of  Polish  European  Policy  (2004  -  2018)  and sought  to  identify  and  demonstrate  how  these  goals  have  been understood by subsequent governments over the years. This team also assessed Polish influence on the decision-making process within the European Union during the analysed period, indicating the determinants of successes and failures in these matters. Researchers also analysed Polish European Policy 2004 – 2018, in the context of EU-related activity of the Union’s largest member states and countries from the Visegrad Group.