New Societal Challenges and Europe’s Search for Identity

Belgium, Brussels, 1040, Résidence Palace, Salle Polak, Rue de la Loi 155
Wednesday, November 30 2016 / 17:30

The strong influx of refugees in recent years has made integration policy an important topic. The needs both of migrants  and  the  domestic  population  have  to  be taken  into  consideration,  challenges  have  to  be addressed  and  tackled  without  prejudice. The ultimate goal should be the participation and full integration of migrants in our society and public life. In March 2015,  the  Education  Ministers  of  the  EU  Member States adopted a declaration on the promotion of civil rights  and  the  shared  values  of  freedom,  tolerance and  non-discrimination  through  education. 

This initiative,  which  is  targeted  at  representatives  of European  universities  and  other  educational institutions  such  as  political  and  social  research institutes,  think  tanks  and  youth  organizations,  is designed to highlight social aspects of education and training,  in  order  to  prepare  future  citizens  for tolerance,  respect  for  diversity  and  civic responsibility.  It also emphasizes the importance of the role of educational institutions in the integration of migrants, by providing a deeper understanding of European values and in preventing radicalization.  

During  this  conference  we  would  like  to  deepen  the discussion  on  the  sense  of  European  identity  in  a globalized world and the significance of responsible action, shared values and beliefs.