EU external action in the Mediterranean

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Rue du Commerce 20, 1st floor
Tuesday, January 09 2018 / 12:30

In 2015, the Mediterranean Sea became the centre of the world’s attention as an unprecedented number of migrants and refugees fleeing instability in the Middle East and Africa were crossing the sea to reach Europe. Since then, the EU, NATO and individual countries have taken measures to address the problem such as deploying naval operations to fight human smugglers and traffickers, enhancing border control mechanism, and building the capacities the migrant’s countries of origin and transit. 

What are the main challenges that the EU currently faces in the Mediterranean? Are the EU’s Operation Sophia and NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian effective? How well do the EU and NATO coordinate in the Mediterranean? Does the EU have a long-term strategy to control future migration waves?

12:30  Registration and lunch
13:00  Opening remarks by Tomi Huhtanen, Executive Director, Martens Centre

Panel discussion:

  • Michael Benhamou, Political Advisor to the French Armed Forces and Former Visiting Fellow, Martens Centre
  • Jurgen Ehle, Admiral, Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the European Union in Brussels
  • Massimiliano Lagi, Counsellor, Italian Permanent Representation, delegate to the Council’s Politico-Military Group (PMG)

Moderated by Niklas Novaky, Research Officer, Martens Centre