Around books 2014

Portugal, Lisbon
Thursday, May 01 2014 / 12:06
Wednesday, December 31 2014 / 12:06

The Amaro da Costa Institute, in cooperation with the Martens Centre, organised a series of book presentations from May to December 2014. The series of six sessions entitled ‘A Volta dos livros’ (Around Books) took place in the premises of the Instituto Amaro da Costa in Lisbon (Portugal) and aimed to promote and disseminate works of political science and international relations from the IDL library. The series has so far presented the following books: Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China written by Ezra Vogel presented by Raquel Vaz-Pinto at the beginning of May; Mr João Pereira Coutinho’s latest publication Conservadorismo (Conservatism) which garnered inspiration from Edmund Burke’s work on the concept of tradition, reform and commercial society (May); Professor and director of the Institute of Political Studies at the Portuguese Catholic University João Carlos Espada’s book Portugal, a Europa e o Atlântico (Portugal, Europe and the Atlantic) in September; Bernardo Pires de Lima’s most recent book A Cimeira das Lajes: Portugal, Espanha e a Guerra do Iraque (The Azores Summit: Portugal, Spain and the War in Iraq) in October; in November Professor Paulo Otero presented the magazine Direito & Política (Law & Politics) with a particular focus on Law, Ethics and Politics. Prof. Manuel Braga da Cruz presented his book entitled Catholics, Society and the State for the final session in December 2014.