2013 Central European Strategic Forum

Slovakia, Château Béla
Friday, November 29 2013 / 17:00
Sunday, December 01 2013 / 17:00

The Château Béla 2013 Central European Strategic Forum will provide a regional Central European perspective on security, political and economic issues. The Forum will cover issues such as developing a distinct Central European identity in a post-crisis Europe. It will also focus on the upcoming European Council on security and defence, transatlantic relations and NATO enlargement. The debates will touch upon the Vilnius Summit of the Eastern Partnership and the Association Agreements which may or may not be signed at the Summit. Issues of European democracy and the future of the Economic and Monetary Union will also be discussed. Participants will be encouraged to analyse existing and prospective solutions to the crisis in the EU, be it the economic and fiscal crisis, the crisis of European identity, legitimacy or the rising anti-EU political rhetoric.