Politicall is a school of politics co-organised by the Martens Centre and Vasily Grossman Study Center intended that focuses on topics of particular interest and relevance, among the priorities of Italian and particularly European society, which is then investigated in the several days of seminars and conferences from different points of view: philosophical, historical, legal, economic, sociological, as well as more properly political. 

The proposed theme for the year 2023/24 revolves around the concept of social justice. The historical moment we are living in has seen social policies become a subject of increasing interest for political institutions (see European Pillar of Social Rights). With geopolitical and economic repercussions, the pandemic first and then the war in Ukraine have brought to light the crisis of globalization and heightened the perception of inequalities among citizens. The theme of social justice is inseparable from the exercise of authority and the concept of the common good. In the upcoming edition of Politicall, we will address the concept of social justice from a historical and philosophical perspective, as well as from the standpoint of political responsibility, delving into welfare policies at both the national and European levels. 


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