European View launch: Making globalisation and automation work for us

The latest European View focuses on globalisation and the future of our societies in a world where technological innovation is the norm. Technological development represents the natural evolution of our human society. It has impacted all sectors of our economy and people from all walks of life. And it has done so at an unprecedented rate.

Society needs to respond quickly to this transformation, and the adaptation to the process of change must be a positive one. We cannot allow ourselves to be steered by those who would turn their backs on change and pretend that it is not happening. Instead, it is our responsibility to look for answers to the common challenges posed by this process of adaptation.

This European View address many important questions that will continue to occupy us for years to come, and this event focuses on some of them, such as: How Europe can lead the so-called fourth industrial revolution? How it can better manage the process of globalization? What are the opportunities and ethical challenges of increased robotization?

Belgium, Brussels, 1000, Martens Centre HQ, Rue du Commerce 20, 1st floo 12:30 14:30

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