Ukraine Reforms

Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyiv School of Economics
Thursday, January 01 2015 / 09:00
Thursday, December 31 2015 / 19:00

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A successful transformation in Ukraine encompassing the rule of law, pluralist democracy and a functioning market economy is an essential condition for a peaceful and prosperous future not only in the country but for all of Europe as well. For that to happen the country needs to go through profound reforms. The urgency for reforms in Ukraine concerns measures which will have far-ranging effects on the Ukrainian population. Therefore, the way these reforms are perceived by the Ukrainian public is crucial and decisive for the success or failure of the entire reform process. Under the leadership of our President Mikuláš Dzurinda, former prime minister of Slovakia and successful country reformer, we have launched the ‘Ukraine Reforms’ campaign to bring together  the expertise of senior EU decision makers in support of the reform process in Ukraine. This transfer of experience is organised through public events, town-hall style meetings, TV debates, online articles and interviews. The initiative is supported by local partners including Ukrainian NGOs Reanimation Package for Reforms and Center UA, as well as the Kiev School of Economics. Senior European policy-makers that have already taken part in expert visits as part of the project include Ivan Miklos, former Minister of Finance of Slovakia and successful macroeconomics reformer, as well as Andrius Kubilius, former prime minister of Lithuania, with several other visits planned to take place throughout 2015 and in different major cities in Ukraine. 

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